The Nairobi Project

In December of 2009, Steve Gadlin received an email from someone in Nairobi, Kenya, asking if he'd buy one of his plays for $30,000 USD. The email exchange that followed culminated in Steve commissioning an original play, written to his ridiculous specifications, for $50. The Nairobi Project is a verbatim performance of the resulting play, Victor Gido's The Price.

This encore performance of The Nairobi Project will also include a performance of Victor Gido's sequel, The Price 2!

Sundays @ 7pm @ The Annoyance Theatre

March 6th - April 10th

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The Cast

Matthew Ulrich as The Doctor, and Adi
Peter Kremidas as Quack Quack Quimby
Michelle Renee Thompson as Mrs. Quimby
Janice Rumschlag as Ashira
Lauren Robertson as Avital
Steve Delahoyde as The Wizard Dumbeldore
Ken Barnard as [CENSORED]

Selected stage directions read by Carl Kasell and John Williams

Directed by Don Hall

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